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Whether you are just getting started, or are positioning for greater growth, GreenMark Coaching Services can help your business flourish.

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“Our objective is to help make your business more efficient and more profitable. We do so by providing small business coaching, consulting and advisory assistance. We help you solve problems when you have limited resources or expertise, or simply when you need an objective viewpoint from an outside perspective.”

Steven Cohen GreenMark Consulting Group CEO

Coaching/Mentoring Turns Great Ideas Into Tangible Results…

‘Jump Start’ Program

  • Have the resource of a landscape/marketing/financial business coach available for you at any time!

95% Of ALL Small Business Startups FAIL Within 5 Years!…

Here’s How We Help You Succeed from the “ground up”…  

Our Approach

First we get to know you and your company. We interact with you using a two-way communication model. You have a problem you call us at any time to discuss. If you do not call us, no worries, we’ll be calling you. We listen, we teach, we examine, we discover, and we discuss. Our discussions are centered on how to consider alternative thought processes and shift attitude or action that need to happen for a positive result to be achieved.

Our Expertise

We share with you real world stories, such as metaphors and similes. Because analogies and reference examples are the easiest way to help somebody see that something is possible, or what a situation can be  like, what a goal is equivalent to, or what a problem is like. We think it’s a very powerful tool that the mind responds to: you see something your way, we want you to see it from various perspectives.

Expert Coaching = Success

The impact of success can come in different shapes and sizes: rethinking how you execute business strategies, vital shifts in how you deliver your services, building or reorganization of systems and processes, compliance, cost savings. Steering your business through these transformations requires know-how and experience. Moreover, you need full support from your employees to adapt and sometimes even change how things have been done in the past vs. how they will be done in the future. These are the underlying  goals in a successful change trajectory, and you must always remember that great systems and processes lead to predictable outcomes.

Do You Simply Need Someone to Help You Find…Balance?

Need Help Improving Systems and Processes?

Do You Need to Increase Revenue and Reach?

Need Help Improving Systems and Processes?

Do You Simply Need Someone to Help You Find…


At GreenMark we will coach & mentor you from an outside perspective while giving you an industry inside view.

Are you working for your business or is your business working for you? Too many owners and senior managers become slaves to their organizations because they are missing three simple elements that include effectiveness with PEOPLE, PLANNING and PROCESS.

What our clients have to say about us

Dale Tucholski

North Coast Environmental

Understanding the needs and often extreme hours a mid-size landscape company owner undertakes; he was always there to answer questions and coach me in the right direction – 1am or 1pm. He was always available to make sure I was guided in the right direction to succeed

Carmela Di Maria

4-All Seasons

What I value most about Steven is the combination of deep business acumen and exceptional coaching expertise. This differentiates his service from all others I have been exposed to. His objective, insightful views of the situations I have faced over the last several companies I have managed have been invaluable.

Daniel Plawski

Peninsula Landscaping

Steven Cohen has provided an invaluable service to my landscape business with his business savvy and direct approach. He really challenges your thinking. Steven has a way of distilling seemingly complex problems into simple solutions that you can actually apply and you can get to work. Steven has a knack for really getting you to think differently. You have to be open-minded to hearing the truth because Steven will tell it to you as he sees it. As he says, after all that is what you are paving me for.

Our Coaching & Mentoring Packages are designed to be affordable for all sized landscape companies.

Jump Start Package

PERFECT for Business Owners and Companies 350k or less
$99.95 per month
  • Initial 30 minute consultation to understand your business and challenges
  • Up to 2 hours of monthly phone support
  • Up to 4 emails for monthly support
  • 10% Discount on all other Products & Services

Business Growth Package

PERFECT for Business Owners and Companies 350k-One Million Dollars
$295.95 per month
  • Initial 30 minute phone consultation to understand your business and challenges
  • Up to 3 hours of monthly phone support
  • Up to 6 emails for monthly support
  • And More

Peak Performance Package

PERFECT for Business Owners and Companies One Million Dollars or more
$495.95 per month
  • Initial 30 minute phone consultation to understand your business and challenges
  • Up to 6 hours of monthly phone support
  • Unlimited monthly emails
  • And More!