LANDSCAPE BUSINESS SUCCESS ‘Jump Start’ Package GET STARTED TODAY TM Landscape business coaching for companies of all size...

Have the resource of a
business coach available for you at any time!

95% Of ALL Small Business Startups FAIL Within 5 Years!

Our Jump Start package will allow you to have the resource of a landscape/marketing/financial business coach available for you at any time you have a question or need help navigating a problem

Here’s How We Help You Succeed from the ground up...

That’s right…A business coach will be available via telephone, email or skype to listen to your area of concern and provide you with suggestions on how to overcome your business challenges.

We Will Guide You With......

Helping You Learn How to Out-Think, Out-Market and Out-Sell Your Competition.

  • We will help guide you in educating your clients to learn how to make your business the Obvious choice when it comes to Buying your landscape, irrigation or snow services.

  • We will help you learn how to Separate your Business from your competition… And Dominate Your Market

  • We will be a support mechanism in any way that we can to help you GROW your business.

  • You will receive Weekly articles on how to improve your business each and every day!

Much has been spoken and written about business processes improvement.  Is the concept of business processes something new and revolutionary? Not really. What we are talking about is our day to day activity of “doing work”. In many cases we need to step back and take stock of the way work is done to examine whether our efforts are well focused and adding value. Worse still, in many organization’s people only experience their own department or function, losing sight of the end product or the customer’s experience. All’s not lost, but the challenge remains in encouraging people to work together. There is so much potential for improvement in most organizations that it cannot be ignored!

See What Our Clients Have To Say About Us…

[us_testimonial author=”Robert Olson” company=”Goldenstate Landscapes, Camarillo, CA”]Steven really helped me out during a turning point in my business. He supported me to set clear goals and consider new ways of thinking. Steven has a good balance between being knowledgeable, professional and approachable. He’s is positive, flexible and very client centered. I would have no hesitation in recommending Steven or GreenMark Consulting Group for business consulting or coaching.[/us_testimonial]

[us_testimonial author=”Vinny Lovato” company=”Angels Landscaping, Passaic County, NJ”]I have been working with GreenMark Consulting Group for two years now. Steven has provided so much more than just the traditional business coaching. I can’t thank Steven enough for having such a positive impact on my business. In the last two years we completely revamped the structure of my business and our attitudes. I’ve used consultants before and felt like I never got my money’s worth. With Steven he gets involved in your business by really knowing your business and then giving practical help. As a result of my focused efforts, I have had a very profitable year![/us_testimonial]

[us_testimonial author=”Jeff Hahn” company=”Groundscape Maintenance, Dayton Ohio”]Steven Cohen has provided an invaluable service to my landscape business with his business savvy and direct approach. He really challenges your thinking. Steven has a way of distilling seemingly complex problems into simple solutions that you can actually apply and you can get to work. Steven has a knack for really getting you to think differently. You have to be open-minded to hearing the truth because Steven will tell it to you as he sees it. As he says, after all that is what you are paving me for.[/us_testimonial]

There are 4 major mistakes that every small landscape business makes … and we want you to know them all. Not only that, we’ll coach and mentor you EXACTLY on how you can overcome each & every one of them…

The ‘Jump Start’ package requires a minimum subscription of six-months.
Payment must be made using credit card or PayPal account.
You will be billed automatically each month until subscription expiration.